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client testimonial

A friend referred me to Janine Young and from the first moment when standing on the old shabby rickety deck and talking about tree houses I knew we’d found someone who really understood the heart and soul of people and houses. It was a long time later we found the money to go ahead with a renovation of our old Queenslander, but we were right in our choice of designer. The rest of the trio wanted other quotes, which I resisted, I wanted Janine, I knew she knew how to give us what we needed!


The result is exactly what we dreamt of and way more than we hoped for. Beautiful, peaceful, functional, lovely space that feels as though we are in the trees and living in nature. Little details add to the delight, the morning sun glancing through the little windows on either side of the kitchen stove, a stairwell full of morning sun invites the cats to lurk. And we chose our builders on the strength of the level of regard and respect they held for Janine as a designer. They have also proved wonderful and able to translate the spirit of the plans when occasionally local problems threw up glitches. We love it. We recommend Janine to anyone and everyone.


We had never done this before, so on a practical note, the quote was reasonable, clear and well structured so we could choose to go as far as we wanted. She eased the process for us and turned the whole experience into a very enjoyable one. I, for one, would do it all again if I ever got that opportunity - but I’m happy to live here for a very long time indeed.  Storm 2013

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